• Bank of Valletta continuously strives to improve its people-related strategies aimed at achieving continuous improvement and the effective management of talent. A fundamental building block of this strategy is effective performance management. In view of her experience in this field, the Bank approached Dr Borg to help facilitate the development of its performance management systems. Working with Dr Borg has been a positive experience - she is professional and a pleasant person to work with.

    Noel Scerri, Executive Head Human Resources Division, Bank of Valletta plc


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Welcome to Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre Ltd.

A hub that supports the capture, maintenance and retention of organisational talent

Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre Ltd. transforms performance by designing and supporting implementation of strategies to acquire, evaluate and develop talent. Whether delivered as a total resourcing solution or on a modular basis, our services save time, reduce cost and improve quality.

We work with organisations to understand, analyse and interpret the people implications of their strategic direction and develop action based plans to support the achievement of business goals.

We offer a flexible engagement model in line with customer specific needs and extend our expertise through different methodologies, namely;

1. Consultancy Support; Offering consultancy support with the aim of building a lean and agile organisation that is performance driven, people-oriented, quality-focused and customer-centric.

2. Interim Management; Providing support to team members on-site, assisting organisations in the implementation of projects or providing support during the replacement phase of key executives.

3. Retainer Basis; Outsourcing of specific areas related to human resources services on both short-term and long-term basis.

4. Company-Wide Training; Delivery of company-wide training programmes ranging from managerial to front-line levels.

Our Approach:

Our one-stop shop approach is designed to deliver workable solutions through a hands-on approach ensuring clients experience the complete package with every project entrusted to us. Project embarked upon may take the format of:

1. Initially conducting and Inter and Intra-firm analysis; We seek to listen and understand the existing operational model and expected performance targets.

2. Proceeding in providing Value-Added Input and Feedback; We provide pragmatic solutions and feedback based on a proven track record of client relationships from established multinationals to new ventures.

3. Crystallising the support mechanism by Developing Others; We transfer our knowledge and skills, better equipping your team to embark on future similar projects.

Should you like to further explore our service offering or business approach, please contact us in any of the following ways.

Address 36, Raymond

Caruana Street,

Gudja GDJ 1014


Phone (+356) 27425358

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Email info@acumencentre.com

Web www.acumencentre.com

Contact Person Dr Vanessa Borg

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