• Bank of Valletta continuously strives to improve its people-related strategies aimed at achieving continuous improvement and the effective management of talent. A fundamental building block of this strategy is effective performance management. In view of her experience in this field, the Bank approached Dr Borg to help facilitate the development of its performance management systems. Working with Dr Borg has been a positive experience - she is professional and a pleasant person to work with.

    Noel Scerri, Executive Head Human Resources Division, Bank of Valletta plc


Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre Ltd. Launches its Academy.....

Consultancy and Training Acumen Centre Ltd. has set up a ‘Learning Academy’ will which provide companies with the opportunity to have their employees embark on educational and training programmes that have been accredited by Approved Educational Entities. Providing employees with the opportunity to invest in their educational journey, whilst still in employment, and acquiring accredited certificates which they might have missed out on achieving earlier on as they started their working career, will boost their confidence to reach new performance heights. This academy will serve as the platform to ignite the stewardship drive amongst employees, acting as the Human Resources’ currency that provides the organisation with an edge to face challenges, compete and set international benchmarks.

The key programmes delivered under the ‘Learning Academy’ umbrella include the following 4 programmes:

1. Be People Oriented! - The Fine Art of People Management Award (Level 5 MQC)
2. Be Customer Centric! - Mastering Selling Techniques
3. Be Ready! - Customer & Business Etiquette
4. Be the Brand! – Train the Trainer

Have your employees join Acumen Academy Today! Contract Director of Studies, Dr Vanessa Borg vborg@acumencentre.com