• Bank of Valletta continuously strives to improve its people-related strategies aimed at achieving continuous improvement and the effective management of talent. A fundamental building block of this strategy is effective performance management. In view of her experience in this field, the Bank approached Dr Borg to help facilitate the development of its performance management systems. Working with Dr Borg has been a positive experience - she is professional and a pleasant person to work with.

    Noel Scerri, Executive Head Human Resources Division, Bank of Valletta plc


Franchising – See your Portfolio in a whole new light!

The growth of franchising has been nothing short of phenomenal. The prospects for the future are for more of the same. New products, concepts, services and ideas are being developed every day with franchising in mind.

Consulting & Training Acumen Centre Ltd. supports organisations in navigating the process of franchising. Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre pledges professionalism only garnered through years of experience in the realm of franchising.

Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre effectively assists its clients with the specific issues of business startup and expansion. Simply stated, we help our clients develop their business concepts and help expand their existing operations through franchising and other expansion methods.

Whether the organisation’s requirements include expansion of an existing business; development of a new business concept; organisational development consulting; sales and marketing for international markets or other specific franchise development and marketing needs, our firm is a recognized leading authority on business development and growth strategies.

The following outlines the range of consulting services offered by Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre Ltd:

  • Franchise Time plan Development for New Franchisors
  • Consulting and Evaluation of Mature Franchise Frameworks
  • Due Diligence and Audit Reports.
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Being part of our Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre Brand Portfolio

It is our business to structure new franchise companies and to assist in dealing with the myriad of problems that are a continuing part of any franchise organisation. However, it is essential that we not only believe a concept is being franchiseable, but we actually live it! You can now be part of Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre’s Portfolio of business units.

Once you have opened your Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre office, our Support Team will provide you with a link to our Consultancy and Training tools that have stood the test of time. Our operating system boasts over 100 training programme content, including accredited educational programmes and strategic tools that range from performance systems to employee surveys to interviewing forms, the works... You get the systems you need to operate without the hassle of having to invest excessive time in developing accredited training content and timetested strategic tools.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll find you have the franchise support and tools you need to run a successful Consultancy & Training Acumen Centre franchise, allowing you to maintain your focus on what is important—building business relationships and growing your franchise business.

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